Five on Friday

Happy happy Friday!!!! I should rename this post “A Million on Friday” – it’s a long list of happy things from two weeks :)

In my scramble to go wine tasting last Friday, I didn’t get my post up. So this week I’m doubling up because I had such wonderful things to share last week that I didn’t want to delete!

me + Preston

Preston and I reunited | My BIG highlight for last week! A few weeks was enough of a breakup for us :) I mentioned this in my weekend post, but obviously felt like repeating it and that I’m back in my beloved apartment!!! Woo hoo :)

buddha bowl

Dinner with a friend | Last week I had a lovely meal and long walk with my friend Maria. We made Oh She Glows’ roasted Buddha bowl which was divine. I am remaking it for SURE. Maria and I made a different dressing with pepperjack cashew cheese, lemon juice and salt, which was just incredible. Plus the company and evening stroll (okay, fast-paced powerwalk!) was lovely :)

Mt Aukum

Friends in Town! | Check out my weekend post for pictures, but I had friends from LA come up all weekend long for a weekend packed with wine tasting, good food, great company, surprisingly lovely weather, and some Sacramento favorites! Continue reading

February Organization Calendar


Helloooo everyone, and happy Thursday! I’m excited about today’s post. I wrote it a MONTH ago! But I wasn’t going to post it until I moved back into my apartment. And since I moved back in WITH Preston instead of without him, I had to do some tweaking.

(I’ve had to tweak a TON of posts lately, because I drafted a whole bunch of posts for when I was back in the apartment with my kitchen and all that stuff, it cheered me up when I had the post-breakup blues. But now a lot of them are changing shape… in a great way :) )

One planned post was this February Organization Calendar. I saw this awesome New Years cleaning and organization calendar for the month of January and wanted to hop on board, but since I was crashing at my sister’s I didn’t have a ton to organize ;) I adapted Julie’s list to make myself a February calendar so I could get excited about my return to the apartment and cleaning and organizing it to make it suit my single-lady living. Yes, these are the kinds of things I get excited about ;) Continue reading

From the Weekend


weekend tidbits | Tidbits come first because I have a LOT to say. So I guess “tidbits” is wrong… eh, well. I had almost a full post ready to go for Friday but the week was way too insane and I didn’t manage to get around to the finishing touches. BIG UPDATE: Preston and I are back together. Sorry for the rollercoaster! I promise, we’re not high schoolers who are going to do this repeatedly. Long (personal) story short, we were having some troubles due to external “life is hard” factors and it seemed for a millisecond there like we were better off dealing with life separately. But then we decided we were wrong about that. :)

So last week caught me by storm. The reunion was super happy. Moving my stuff back home from my sister’s was exciting and sad and strange. Figuring out a new routine back with Preston and with him starting a new job was…. well, exciting and strange and is still far from a completed process! I had plans with friends and was not about to let my BBG workouts slip for a second. Work continued its craziness from the week before, especially thanks to the long weekend and the fact that I had friends visiting this past weekend so I busted my butt to take most of Friday off. The very second that Toastmasters ended on Friday, I raced into the office, worked faster and harder than I knew was possible for two hours (and got help from my fantasmical coworkers) so I could bolt just barely in time to join my friends and head to Napa for a wine tasting appointment they’d set up.

The weekend was beyond full of wine, food, a few Sacramento highlights, and me trying to sneak in just enough time to do some laundry, keep unpacking back at my apartment, and squeeze in those workouts! WHEW :-D

strawberries + chocolate

strawberries + melted chocolate for dessert :)


isn’t this a gorgeous tasting setup?! private appointment at Onward that my friends Chris + Kristin set up in Napa :)

Continue reading


What I Ate Wednesday Button

Another week, another Wednesday full or food pictures! This week is totally insane and flying by (thank you, long weekend!) not quite as insane as last week when I could barely get a handle on things (I still haven’t posted the falling-out-of-my-chair-at-work story!) but still insane. But yesterday was a lovely day. I got in my BBG workout early in the morning, hooray!, and then had a productive super quick day at work (I kicked it off by setting up my new chair which is the result of the falling-out-of-my-old-one incident), and capped off the day with a lovely evening with my friend Maria. We cooked an awesome healthy dinner, chatted, and took our Fitbit-sporting selves for a nice walk!

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I found time to fit in a little bit of food:

not pictured | I sipped a leftover green juice and had a few bites of trail mix before my BBG workout – which did NOT go over well! That workout was tough and I felt really sick to my stomach afterward!


acai juice | breakfast on my icky stomach was this really good naked acai juice! Delicious! Continue reading

Five on Friday

Yaaaay, another week down! I kept this running list of happy highlights from the week to keep myself optimistic, and this week was a strange mix of tons of stress at work, my continued breakup woes, but also just a ton of great little daily things that lifted my spirits :)


more niece shenanigans | This adorable child definitely helps brighten my day. A week ago she had called me “auntie” just a few times after MAAAAAANY requests for her to say auntie. Well apparently all it took was me crashing there for a little while, because all week long I hear “auntie sit here” “auntie bite?” “auntie water?” “auntie get up” “auntie color” “auntie slide.” It’s adorable, and I can’t resist her bossy little self when it’s prefaced with “auntie auntie auntie!” I think my favorite is “auntie ride” or “auntie ball” while holding my foam roller which means she wants to see me rolling out my kinks because apparently that’s pretty entertaining… Continue reading


What I Ate Wednesday Button

Hooray for hump daaaay! Before a long weekend, too! Isn’t that the best? :)

Here’s what I ate yesterday (seems like most of my pictures are partly or mostly eaten, but at least I got pictures….) It was NOT a healthy day at all. But this is what happens when I’m semi-homeless, insanely busy during work, and craving post-breakup comfort food. All things considered, it’s fine! :-/

chocolate chai protein shake

Chocolate Chai Protein Shake | If you’re a regular around here, I’m sure you’ve picked up on my chocolate chai obsession. Too good! I hit snooze a million times yesterday morning, so breakfast was a big scoop of Vanilla Chai Vega protein powder mixed with a cup of dark chocolate Almond Breeze :) Fantastic! Continue reading

3 Ways to Make Resolutions Stick


Last week, I gave a speech at my Toastmasters group about making New Years Resolutions that stick. My prompt for the speech was “research” so I set about researching legitimate sources like articles written by psychiatrists and ones that cited actual studies about changing habits to find out what exactly really contributes to making a resolution work. I found three main tips that resurfaced from a lot of these more reliable sources and was pretty proud of how my speech turned out (especially considering I was epically unfocused last week and have never given a speech with less preparation!)

Here are the 3 ways to make resolutions stick that I kept finding from the pros:

1. Plan To Fail | I know, I know. It sounds like terrible advice. You’re going to keep your resolution by planning to fail? Well, yes. I don’t mean plan to fail altogether, to make no progress on your resolution and to find yourself in the same position in a year. I mean plan to fail at least a little. If you’re trying to eat healthier, you’re going to have days or even weeks when you don’t succeed. If you’re trying to exercise more, you’re going to miss a few days more days than you mean, you’re not going to give it your all every single workout starting immediately and lasting all year long. If you want to quit smoking, you might cave and have a cigarette or two. But if that’s part of the plan, if you go into your resolution acknowledging that you’re not going to be able to go from zero to perfect just because it’s New Years, you’re much more likely to succeed! Pick yourself back up after you fail a little, and keep on working toward that resolution! Continue reading

Perfect Vegan Italian No-Meatloaf


GUYS, I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am to post this recipe for my perfect vegan Italian no-meatloaf! I think I started planning it around July or August. I’ve had a couple failed trial runs, I practiced a lot with these types of ingredients (mainly vital wheat gluten which is really new to me and a little tricky to figure out) in all kinds of recipes, and it’s finally ready.

It’s fantastic. This is the meatloaf you make when you really miss the typical non-vegan meatloaf where you can whirl a bunch of stuff together in your food processor, throw it in a loaf pan, and have a meal ready to go that is protein-heavy and really satisfying. Continue reading

Five on Friday

Time to bring back (and keep!) this practice in optimism! Though looks like High Five for Friday isn’t up this week, so I’m linking up with Five on Friday which looks like a fantastic happy linkup!

I am going to keep this running list during the week so I’ll post as many highs from the week as I think to write down when they happen. Why limit myself to five?! Nothing helps get through a tough time like perspective, optimism, and occupying my time :)

So I’ve been adding to this list all week and plan to start a new one immediately after this one is published!

Here’s what brightened my days this week:

Awesome coworkers | Coming back to work after so much time off was rough, and trying to focus when I’m feeling down stunk. But having supportive and caring coworkers really helped :) Any time I needed a hug or a distraction, I had it.

foggy morning

Kayla’s Army | SUCH a positive influence this week! I need the exercise even though it’s tough to get to it right now. Having thousands of virtual workout buddies is amazingly motivating, as is tracking my progress on Instagram and following other girls who are participating. I FINALLY got up and did my workout early yesterday, too, which was fantastic. I’m weirdly obsessed with that blurry picture of an early-morning foggy park…

blonde hair

Sorta New ‘do | Yes, I’m a breakup cliche. But I’ve been wanting to go just a little bit blonder for awhile lately, and my post-breakup weekend seemed like the perfect time. My sister helped me once again, and I am yet again super impressed with us ;) it’s just a subtle difference but I really love it. Continue reading


Whew, thank goodness the week is half over! It’s been reaaaallly hard coming back to work this week. Aside from the fact that I’m out of the swing of things since I didn’t work a whole lot the last two weeks, work is so not as good a distraction from my breakup blues as playing with my niece, watching Parks & Rec marathon-style, and wine tasting!

Somehow the week is trucking along anyway…. So here’s my WIAW for today! Here’s what I ate yesterday. I’m pretty happy with the balance I struck of trying to eat healthy but really wanting comfort food. This is working for me this week :) Hopefully I’ll make little changes to get a bit healthier next week, but baby steps are okay with me for now while I’m down and at least I’m kicking my workouts up a notch with my Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide!!!


Peet’s Coffee + Oatmeal | I had a coupon for a free maple latte when you order oatmeal (or some breakfast pastries) so that made for an awesome breakfast on my way back to the office from court! They were nice enough to upgrade my latte to soy for free too ;) Continue reading