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I’ve been thinking a whole lot about food lately. Shocking, right?!

My thoughts boil down to one thing: I miss making other people’s recipes sometimes. I used to cook a solid 4-5 nights per week, all from my cookbooks, Food Network, and Cooking Light. I loved that. I loved meal planning, I loved trying new things and combos that I wouldn’t have thought of, I loved trying an elaborate recipe or a crazy basic but crazy good recipe. I loved actually making my way through a cookbook or all those torn out pages of magazines.

Recipe testing for my own recipes is awesome, but also a lot of work. There are many nights when I’m “supposed” to try out a recipe I’d planned, but if I’m not up to all the trouble that’s involved, I wind up throwing a frozen veggie burger in the toaster oven or melting some Daiya cheese straight into a hot pot of pasta. (Plus I’ve had bad luck a couple times recently making fellow bloggers’ recipes, which I know is bound to happen – we’re not pros and we might make mistakes in our recipes or in typing up instructions – but it sure is frustrating.) In general, it seems like the number of nights per week that I actually prepare a well-rounded healthful meal has declined drastically. I’m sick of that, and especially now that Preston and I are living together, I want healthy, satisfying meals most days of the week with leftovers to spare! Continue reading

Little Goals | September

little goals

Helloooooo, internet friends!

How was your month of August? Did you set goals? Did you escape the heat? Do you live somewhere where it doesn’t hit 105 regularly during the month of August?

Are you annoyed with my questions yet? ;)

So this is yet another month (well, it makes two in a row) when I’m actually not shocked that the month is over and I’m ready and waiting for that new start. August was a great month in many ways, but all I wanted for the month of August was some normalcy and routine, and I sooooo did not get that. Two months of nomad lifestyle made me antsy to get in an apartment and settle in and have a routine. But instead I got moving, organizing, decorating and unpacking, Preston on a long vacation, Preston back from a long vacation, a busy/frustrating/all-over-the-place month of work. And I’m just ready for things to mellow the heck out! I picture September bringing that new fall excitement, more cooking in my settled kitchen, and finding a new routine. It’s about time. :) Continue reading

Lemon Lavender Blueberry Sherbet

lemon lavender blueberry sherbet

I bought the coolest ice cream tub! It’s been on my wish list for awhile, and when I realized I had a little room left in my move-in budget and needed to add another something to my Amazon order for free shipping, it was time to order this guy.

So I scrolled through my extremely long list of ice cream flavor ideas and realized I have everything I need to make this lemon lavender sherbet (including a huge container of blueberries that needed to be used or frozen soon.)

It’s kind of half sorbet and half ice cream so I thought I’d name it a “sherbet.” That works, right? Continue reading

Saltine-Crusted Fried Green Tomatoes

saltine-crusted fried green tomatoes

It’s the beginning of tomato season here, which means: grab some not-yet-ripe tomatoes and get them fried! :)

Tomatoes are the last food left on my “Learn to Like” checklist. (Well, second to last just above eggplant. Bleh.) I am just not generally a fan, unless there are teeny amounts of small-diced pieces or unless they’re cooked (preferably with loads of garlic.)

But fried green tomatoes I like love.

saltine-crusted fried green tomatoes

I grabbed a couple beautiful green tomatoes from my mom’s garden and planned to make a very simple panko-coated tomato, but as I reached in my cupboard and saw a big box of saltines I thought that would be just as good but way more fun and unusual! It was a success :)

saltine-crusted fried green tomatoes

saltine-crusted fried green tomatoes:

serves 2
(or serves 4 as an appetizer)

2 green tomatoes
10 saltine crackers
1/2 t onion powder
1/2 t garlic powder
1 t chili powder (I used a mild one, but you can use anything)
1/4 C almond milk
2 t Dijon mustard
dash of hot sauce
1/4 C flour
2 T vegetable oil

Crush saltines and combine with spices. Put mixture on a plate and set aside.

Mix together almond milk, Dijon, and hot sauce in a shallow bowl and set aside.

Put flour on a plate. Line up the flour, almond milk mixture, and saltines for a little breading station.

Heat nonstick skillet over medium heat and add half the oil. Slice tomatoes and coat each slice in flour, then almond milk mixture, then saltine mixture and fry for about 3 minutes per side until hot and golden brown.

saltine-crusted fried green tomatoes

I served mine with some vegan ranch dressing. You could make a little remoulade sauce to be more classic if you like! I love this one.

Nutrition facts per serving:


Calories from Fat

% Daily Value*

Total Fat


Saturated Fat


Trans Fat







Total Carbohydrates


Dietary Fiber




Weeknight Favorite | Simple Grilled Kabobs

simple grilled kabobs I have a brand new favorite easy weeknight meal. It’s healthy, satisfying, SO fun, and really easy to customize to fit your own preferences!

It’s kabobs. Mostly veggies with a couple fun things thrown in for flair.

This was the first meal Preston and I made on our brand new grill before he left, and I’ve already made them (or a similar version) three more times. They’re so easy and fantastic.

simple grilled kabobs

This is not so much a recipe post as a how-to with a bunch of suggestions! Continue reading