Lotsa Links | Rachael Ray Edition

from the weekend

I rambled on in my stuffed pepper recipe last week about my Rachael Ray inspiration. Well, I made sure to revive my love for her recipes the last couple weeks, so it’s time to share.

I’ve got my top 5 favorite recipes of hers that I’ve made, and the next 5 that I intend to make/veganize.

my favorites:

*almost all of them are from this book which I one hundred percent recommend – there are lots of easy-to-veganize recipes in there, great flavor combos, and tricks on how to keep a well-stocked house. Plus, I know plenty of you out there aren’t vegan :)

1. Honey Nut Chicken | This is the first recipe that I mastered, and I have made it a LOT. It works really well on tempeh and also on tofu. I almost always serve it with rice (sometimes plain, sometimes spiced up) and broccoli (sometimes plain, sometimes spiced up ;) ). But it goes really well on salads, with any simple pastas or potatoes or grains you can think of! Continue reading

High Five for Friday

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

Hooray hooray, another Friday!

I started this week off cranky! So I started drafting this post early in the week to think about the things I had to look forward to and be optimistic :)

It really worked! And the week flew by after all, work was crazy and chaotic but actually in a kind of fun not-too-stressful way. So that’s awesome :)

Here’s what got me through the week!

high five for friday

Pizza Rock | This restaurant was my top “must try” pick for the Vegan Chef Challenge this year. It’s a pretty fun restaurant I’ve only been to a few times with phenomenal fries (several gourmet fry options topped with all kinds of deliciousness), great pizza, and a fun vibe. The décor is pretty out there, there’s a huge semi half sticking out of one of the walls. The pizza was good. Not great, but really inspired me to make my own spin on it. They were out of vegan tiramisu :( but now I’m inspired to make that, too. Preston and I went with a good friend and then walked around midtown and got dessert. A great evening to break up the work week! Continue reading


timed mile practice

Hellllooooooooo internet friends!

I’m super excited about a new little undertaking of mine.

Actually, this is part of a much bigger undertaking of getting back in shape! I need it, and I’m actually really excited about it.

Preston and I put together a great workout schedule for us that we’re proud of. He’s also going to try to get in several morning jogs during the week and I am going to do just a little yoga in the mornings.

If you’re curious, each week we plan to do the following exercises in no particular order: Continue reading

Vanilla Spiced Pear Cocktail

vanilla spiced pear cocktail

Over the weekend, I had the BEST cocktail. I actually had no idea what I was ordering or what was in it, but still took on the challenge of remaking it ;)

I went out to Broderick’s Roadhouse with my family on Friday to try their vegan chef challenge menu. I actually ordered off their regular (vegan!) menu and had some of the best tofu EVER. It was really close to my apartment, had fantastic food, a great vibe, a huge selection of beer on tap, and a handful of vegan grub on their regular menu! (Only gripe was they were out of their vegan ice cream sandwich!!!) I was pretty impressed, and Preston and I decided we will absolutely start including that in our restaurant lineup. Continue reading


Hummmmmp Daaaaaaaaaaay! I expect today to be a little frazzley (totally a word.) Yesterday was go-go-go at work. I had 3 big things and a handful of little things on my to do list. I got 1 1/2 of the big things done and zero little things. I expect today to catch up with me a bit! BLERGH!

Oh, well. At least I’ll have some breaks to browse through some WIAW posts :) because looking at other people’s food has a totally bizarre way of cheering me up!

I was so proud of my actual real WIAW post last week with a real day of eats. But then I totally failed when it came time to repeat it. I took an epically low number of food pictures this week :( Here’s what I took!


Smoothie | A super fantastic smoothie with mixed berries, peach juice, almond butter, and almond extract! NOM! Continue reading

Easy Weeknight Enchiladas

easy weeknight enchiladas

Helloooo internet friends!

I am feeling drained already this week! It may just be today due to my sleepless night last night. I vaguely remember I kept waking up to find Preston had somehow sent another pillow from his side of the bed over to my side and I flung it on the ground. I’m pretty sure that happened 4 times (we have a lot of pillows on the bed. Which I usually love….)

Anyway, I’m happy to be posting a fast weeknight meal like this on a day when I’m so sleepy because this is exactly the kind of day when I need easy recipes in my back pocket. I made these last week and was really happy with how they turned out. Continue reading

Day in the Life

Hey y’all! The other day I got super photo-happy and it reminded me of just how much fun I had documenting a day in the nomad life. So I gave myself a day in the life challenge to see the difference in my days now!

It’s funny, there are lots of similarities, but the general feel of my day-to-day is one hundred percent different.

Here’s my day last Tuesday:

6:00 | Alarm goes off. I’ve been so good lately about not hitting snooze, but this morning I’m not feeling it and take two snoozes :( Boo.

day in the life

6:20 | Get up irritated with myself for hitting snooze and make coffee and smoothies in a hurry to catch up on time! (I’m usually super slow so I actually succeed in making up most of the time!) Continue reading

High Five for Friday

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Happy weekend!!!! Here are my highlights from the week :) What are yours?!

It flew by | I just got home from work and I’m hurriedly typing this up before weekend festivities begin because my week went by SO fast I didn’t get around to starting until now! That’s a win in my books :)

high five for friday

Craft store success | This week had me going to the craft store repeatedly (so I could use a coupon each time, obviously…) to get supplies for a project (something that involves gold sequin fabric!!!) This is something I’ve been dreaming up for a long time now, and my supplies are gathered and they are EXACTLY as I pictured, which is rare and exciting. I’ll share details when it’s done! Continue reading