Little Goals | November

little goals

It’s that time again! I’m really excited for November. It’s the true start of fall in my mind because we rarely have 90 degree days in November (and they were normal last month!) It’s the start of the holidays. It’s a time of change and joy and special occasions but enjoying new simple routines like hot tea at night and soaking my feet in a bathtub when I’m cold. I love it!

Quick run-down of October goals:

Fitbit goal | It’s an unofficial goal every month now, but I wanted to share that I hit my 10,000 step goal in October!!! (You bet your ass I make sure I hit it today and tomorrow so this stays true!) I am way proud of myself, and to celebrate, I’m upping my goal to 12,000 steps :) As happy as I am to hit my goal everyday, that means it’s no longer a good goal for me.

Soak up daylight | Pretty well done!

Knit 2 skeins of yarn | Success! I knitted a TON this month, which is great because I am really hoping to finish up my bed spread by the end of next month. I’m on track to get all my stripes done by then, but I have NO idea how long it will take to stitch all the stripes together (I’m guessing it will be longer than I’d like…)

Eat salads | I forgot to keep track. I’m not sure I got four meals per week, but I definitely made it a point to get more salads as meals this month. I’ll keep this one up next month but actually count this time around…

November goals:

Run 45 miles | I hurt my knee really badly at the beginning of October, and running suffered as a result. I was proud to still get my workouts in and to have a good start to my Timed Mile Practice. But I still have a lot of progress to make. To get back to running without being disappointed in the loss of pace and stamina a slow month can bring, I’m focusing on getting in some miles. I don’t care how fast, slow, painful, or long my runs are. So long as I get in 45 miles (and walking breaks count so long as I’m doing my best to jog when I can.) I got to this number by factoring in a couple 3 mile runs a week, a handful of short 1 mile runs and two longer runs during the month, and rounded up. Seems legit ;)

Drink 60 ounces of water a day | I’m excited for this one. Somewhere along the line, I’ve become really bad at keeping myself hydrated! Frustrating because it’s never been something I even have to think about. Ideally, I’d rather drink a lot more than 60 ounces but I’m starting with a low number and focusing on being consistent and hitting it everyday.

Did you set any goals for the month?

Happy goal-setting!

Bed Spread DIY In Progress

bed spread DIY in progress

Happy Thursday, guys!!! Guess what I’m doing today?? Taking the day OFF!!! Can you tell by the excessive explanation points that I’m super excited? :) I set a couple goals for myself at work for the month of October with the bribe of a day or two (or hopefully 3 but that didn’t happen) days off at the end of the month. I am not really in a position to manage vacations, so this is as good as it gets for now and I’m going to soak up my extra-long weekend!

One thing I’m going to work on lots this weekend is this big ol’ knitting project so I thought it was about time to share! Continue reading

How We Nacho

easy vegan nachos

I Instagrammed my awesome Monday night dinner of a giant pan of these awesome easy vegan nachos. They were SO good and easy, I thought I should fling up a post about them!

I only snapped one iPhone picture, but it turned out well enough so I figured I’d do a quickie post with just that photo anyway :)

I’ll make them again for sure, and the only change is that I’d like to include another layer or two of veggies a more nutritious meal. But man was this fast and fantastic for a Monday night! A repeat meal without a doubt! Continue reading


Happy happy Wednesday!!! How is your week going?

Mine is going very well. One of those weeks where so far things are going easily. Work’s going fine, great butt-kicking workouts (though typing is painful, I’m SO sore today!), good food. What more can you ask for?

So here’s a week’s worth of grub!


Food truck tacos | Simple but incredible.


Food truck sweet mint tea | A little true to “sweet” than I would like, but really good.


Oatmeal w/dried blueberries | I bought a bag of dried blueberries from Costco this weekend and told Preston about a very long phase I went through when every morning’s breakfast was this. I had to make it the next day :) Continue reading

Tuesday Tunes | Get Movin’ Playlist

get movin playlist

Brrrrr! Well guys, I’ve been wishing for fall and I got it! It is downright chilly the last couple mornings! The days have been gorgeous and I absolutely love this season. But right now, shivering in my sweats, I have to remind myself about that… :) I think slurping down a smoothie this morning was probably a mistake. Oatmeal, here I come!

Anyhow, today I have a fun new playlist to share! Continue reading

Double Rainbow

from the weekend

Okay, after posting my double rainbow picture from the weekend on Instagram with the hashtag “What does it mean?!?!” I wondered if y’all would get my reference. A poll around the office informed me that you likely would not.

So here’s a super old YouTube video that I still love and obviously reference. #SorryImNotSorry Continue reading

High Five for Saturday

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

high five for friday

Good morning, folks!!! I am SO excited it’s Saturday. This week was especially hectic for me at work, I seriously need a weekend. I meant to get my High Five for Friday post up during lunch or right after work, but lunch didn’t happen so much and I was at work so late I had to rush home and get ready for awesome weekend plans to begin! But here are my High Five for Saturday highlights :)

high five for friday

Preston came home | Mean boy teased me with the possibility of coming home early repeatedly, but that didn’t happen. He finally got home Tuesday night from a trip with his brother. I didn’t realize how much I’m over living alone until he was gone for this chunk of time. I wanted my workout/cooking/cleaning/Grey’s Anatomy buddy back!!! Date night pics from the night he came back :) Continue reading

Roasted Garlic + Kabocha Squash Soup w/ Buttery Seasoned Croutons

roasted garlic + kabocha squash soup

[OOPS, sorry folks! I think I promised this on Friday and I thought it was up and scheduled to go, and just noticed I never added the pics or set this guy up to post!!! This yummy soup is worth the wait though, I promise ;) ]

It’s time for fall soups!!!! The highs here lately have been in the mid-90s which is lame. BUT it gets dark and fairly cool early in the evenings, and my office is always a refrigerator, so at least hot soups are great for dinners at home or lunches at work!

roasted garlic + kabocha squash soup

A couple coworkers and I decided we would take turns making soup once a week for the crowd all fall and winter. Last week was my turn, so I made this quick and easy soup (and it was surprisingly easy to make a TON of servings!) and I made homemade bread (using this recipe) buttery seasoned croutons. They were divine. Continue reading