Healing Morning Tonic

healing morning tonic

For starters, folks, I have a BIG APOLOGY to send to a whole bunch of you – yesterday I was tweaking some things around the blog-a-log (you prob notice some changes now and I’ve got a few more up my sleeve!) and my recently-empty comments alerts went crazy! I don’t know what happened, but normally I ignore the alerts on my dashboard and only pay attention to the email alerts which weren’t coming… so I’ll be responding to some couple-month-old comments and making the rounds to visit all you sweet readers who I’ve accidentally ignored lately! Sooooo sorry, hugs and kisses to you all!

Alright, on to this beauty. Don’t you want this pretty little sparkly drink?! I absolutely love it!!!

I had an awesome little non-alcoholic drink several weeks back at Broderick’s Roadhouse. It was in the middle of my wine-tasting weekend with some friends from LA, so when I saw this fresh tonic on the menu described as a “cure-all” – it seemed like the perfect alcohol-free brunch drink to pack in some goodness in a wine-filled weekend ;)…

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What I Ate Wednesday Button

Well hello there, Wednesday! Nice to see you bringing the week right on by. So far this week is flying past me, and I love that. It always goes that way when I have a lot of court hearings, and today I’m kicking off the morning with what will hopefully be the last in a long string of emergency hearings that mean going to court extra early and that tend to make my days feel super hectic (tho they do go by fast…)

Anyway, here’s a day of meals! Seems like I kept forgetting to snap a decent “right before I eat it” meal, but I managed to get a little something for every snack or meal….

oatmeal with blueberries

Oatmeal w/ dried blueberries | I just cleaned out and organized my pantry and found a stash of plain instant oatmeal I didn’t know I have. I’m using it up in one of my absolute favorite ways, with dried blueberries (put them in before adding water and they get all plump and delightful.) …

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Vegan Bikini Body Guide Meals


Today I wanted to share what I’ve been eating during the last seven weeks (okay, really just the last 3 weeks… I wasn’t focusing on diet the first four weeks) and how I modified Kayla’s clean eating guide to suit my vegan diet. (FYI she did come out with a Vegetarian/Vegan guide recently, but I chose not to purchase it and haven’t found many reviews or info about it. Plus I initially started her workout before the vegetarian guide came out so I’d already made my own guide.)

Kayla’s guide breaks down your daily servings into six categories. Four of them are already vegan (grains, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats) and the protein and dairy category I changed up a little bit. So here’s what I aim for each day: …

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Fix My Pics | Vegan Crab Cakes

crab cakes

GUUUUYYYYYSSSS you need these crab cakes in your life. I posted these fantastic vegan crab cakes WAY early in my blogging life (my first recipe review!), and despite the absolutely atrocious pictures they have made their way around Pinterest and managed to bring in a surprising amount of traffic years later.

The Cure For Everything Wrong In Your Life


I know you want the answer right now, so here it is: MEDITATION! And on that note, I’d like to welcome you all to …… *drumroll* …… MEDITATION MONTH! Yeah, I already told you yesterday If you’re really excited to read that, then hooray and welcome! If you’re not excited at all to read that,…

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Little Goals | March

Lake Berryessa

Goodbye, birthday month Hello, the month when SPRING really arrives and the GOOD Daylight Savings Time makes my evenings bright and beautiful (Mornings, we’ll get to you soon enough.) I’m also making March “Meditation Month” around here after my February meditating Little Goal and a whole lotta reading this past month has left me fascinated…

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Five on Friday

bike ride

Happy happy Fridaaaaaaaay! This will be my last Friday highlights post! I love the exercise in positivity, but I keep winding up posting things that I’ve already mentioned during the week (whether here, on Instagram, Twitter, or sometimes all three! Talk about redundant!) and/or things from the weekend that make me miss my old From…

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S’mores Mousse Pie


GUYYYYSSSSSS! I made the most amazing dessert. New favorite for SURE.  This pie is a MESS. It’s amazing I got a piece of pie out this clean to snap some pictures of. (Third time’s the charm!) It’s a total disaster. Sticky, messy, hard to keep together. Somehow I keep winding up with it all up…

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Happy Hiker Playlist

Lake Berryessa

On Valentine’s Day, Preston and I went on an AWESOME (aka crazy hard but with a spectacular view) hike at Lake Berryessa. It was a pretty impromptu decision. We were sitting over a leisurely cup of coffee at a local cafe called Coffee Garden which, surprise surprise, has a gorgeous garden. It was the PERFECT…

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Slow Cooker Indian Spiced Lentil Stew

slow cooker indian spiced lentil stew

Good morning, friends! How was your weekend? Mine was SO nice, I wish it wasn’t over! Our local soccer team had their first home game on Saturday (it was just a friendly match, but still so exciting!) so Preston and I went to cheer them on! Yesterday we got up fairly early, I whipped up…

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