Weekly Workouts + Menu


Oh my goodnesssssss, guess what, my lovely internet friends?! As this post is scheduled to go up, I will be getting ready to head out the door for my HALF MARATHON!

The day has come. I’m actually SUPER excited about it because I’ve been so surprised at my running progress during the last six weeks. I can’t wait to see how I do. I’m also SUPER excited to be done with the training. I think six weeks may be max patience I have for things like this! I’m craving some different workouts……

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From Couch to Half Marathon | Update 3

11 mile run

YOU GUYS. I’m running a half marathon on Sunday.


I knew it would come quickly when I decided to run it with just six weeks’ notice. But wow. I can’t believe it’s here.

I can’t believe that just six short weeks ago I was barely running at all, and now I’ve made crazy strides regaining my running ability.

So here’s my final update before the big day!!!


on food:

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30 Day Push Up Challenge

30 day push up challenge

Who wants to do push ups this month?!?!?!? [expects crickets] I have a serious love/hate relationship with push ups. I LOVE gorgeous sculpted arms that push ups create. I HATE actually doing push ups. But I’m going to try. Here’s my goal, it’s really simple – just a slow build over the course of 30…

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Little Goals | October

take more daily photos

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! Already?! I’m jumping right in to my October goals. Bring on this month of FALL things, cooling weather, lots of fun plans on my calendar, a challenge I’m announcing tomorrow, and these little goals.

Grill All The Pizza Roll Salad

grilled pizza roll salad

Grilled pizza roll salad! This is SUCH a fun recipe. Have you seen my pizza roll salad? I am obsessed with it. I eat it a lot, I make different versions a lot, Preston requests it a lot. We just love it. Such a fun salad, a great way to get a serious helping of…

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Weely Workouts + Menu

11 mile run

Oh man, guys. I’m exhausted. I just got back from a short weekend trip in the mountains, WHERE I did my 11 mile run! Hooraaaaaay last long training run! Now I’m torn by conflicting urges to foam roll for days, curl up in a ball and sleep forever, eat ALL the things, and scramble to…

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What’s in My Pantry?


OMG, GUESS WHAT?! (and it’s NOT that I overuse caps locks!!!) I have ANOTHER video for you guys! Already! I’m really excited. Like I mentioned last week, I have always intended to post WAY more videos than I ever have. But I’m a busy lady, and it takes so long to set up, edit, upload…

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Runner’s Knot (Lace + Tie Your Shoes for Running)

runner's knot

Hey loves! Happy happy Friday! (I totally faked you out and said happy Friday YESTERDAY, but I was originally going to post that one today, and I switched these! Sorry if I got anybody excited thinking yesterday was Friday…) Today is Preston’s birthday (hooray!) so I’m excited for a weekend full of celebrations! :) What…

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September Workout Playlist

september workout playlist

Happy Thursday, loves! Just stopping in real quick today to share my September workout playlist. I love love LOVE this one, and it has been fantastic to get me going on my half marathon training runs. This weekend I have to squeeze in my last one, which is ELEVEN miles long. I’m horrified. But with…

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Sriracha Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

sriracha butternut squash pasta

HOLY HELL, it’s the first day of FALL!!!! This may be my favorite day of the year. (Well, my birthday aside, because the 7 year old in me is alive and well.) I looked forward to summer more than ever before this year, and I loved it and soaked it up and enjoyed the sun…

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Weekly Workouts + Menu


Happy Sunday, friends! Seriously, time lately is just flying by! I feel like I just wrote one of these, even though I totally skipped last week. GEEZ. Last week’s would have been super dull because I didn’t make anything interesting to eat, and my workouts consisted of my half marathon training and a whole lot…

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What’s In My Fridge?


Guess what?! I have a video to share today!!! I can’t tell you how much more often I envision doing videos on the blog. And then I don’t do them and don’t do them for one reason or another…. Until I find myself probably a good two years after I write down “what’s in my…

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20 Minute Strawberry Vanilla Bean Pie

20 minute strawberry pie

It’s PIE time! Hooray :) :) :) 20 minute strawberry pie to be exact! This week feels all fall like and gloomy here! It came out of nowhere! (and I don’t think it’s here to stay just yet …. :( ) Last week at the farmer’s market, Preston and I could smell the amazing scent…

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Easy Homemade Salsa

easy homemade salsa

Yaaaaaaaay, easy homemade salsa today!!! Making your own salsa is totally underrated even though it’s SO simple. This summer, Preston and I had a “garden salsa” chile plant that did SO well. It seemed like it has been forever since I made homemade salsa, but home grown spicy peppers was the best excuse for a…

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From Couch to Half Marathon | Update 2

couch to half marathon in six weeks straining schedule

Halfway done!!! That’s a scary thought. Time for a little couch to half marathon update! on food: I’m entirely on a solid-food diet now!!! Well, obvious smoothie consumption still occurring. My plan was to be just a touch stricter with my diet while training, and I’ve done a decent job. I’m trying to limit the…

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My Top 10 Tips For Better Sleep

homemade knit bedspread

Finally, finally, finally some helpful tips for better sleep that actually work and are completely doable! If you’re a read-every-word-of-every-post reader, you may have noticed that a couple months ago I spent two weeks slipping in references to how TIRED I was because of the insomniac boyfriend who sleeps next to me. Okay, it wasn’t…

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The BEST Spicy Orange Tofu {Weekly Workouts + Menu}


Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you are having a spectacular long weekend and doing something lovely! I’m off on another weekend trip (hoorah!) so again scheduling this early! the workouts: Sunday | 7 mile hike in Lassen Monday | 3 mile jog Tuesday | easy stretching day Wednesday | 4 mile jog

Results Are In

peanut noodles + fish

Thank you all so much for your participation, comments, thoughts, and most of all your support! Results from my little survey are in and they’re overwhelmingly in favor of me posting non-vegan recipes here on the bloggy :) I’m really grateful for your help because I would not have guessed that would be the response….

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From Couch To Half Marathon | Update 1

me lassen

Time for a quick update on my insane couch to half marathon training plan! on food: I started my first few (thankfully VERY short) runs while I was still on my forced liquid diet thanks to my stupid jaw injury. That was tough. I got through, but I was beyond exhausted in general, and especially…

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Little Goals


Are you freaking kidding me?!?! SEPTEMBER little goals? Geez. Well, I LOVE September. Sacramento Augusts suck what with the insane heat, and while the heat tends to continue through a lot of September, it does start to feel and look a lot more like fall. (FALL is starting this month! Holy what?!) I did pretty…

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August Workout Playlist

august workout playlist

So I totally failed at getting both my June and July workout playlists posted. BUT I realize now that’s largely because I just didn’t love them enough to get excited about sharing them. This month is a totally different story. I LOVE this workout playlist. I hope you do too. :)

Indian Curry Sweet Potato Soup {Weekly Workouts + Menu}

indian curry sweet potato soup

Happy Tuesday, friends! Back at you with a menu and workout list. It’s genuinely a really sad list because of my really sad JAW injury :( but I am feeling a LOT better so the workouts will resume, and I at least feel motivated to make some more interesting things to drink for my meals….

Couch to Half Marathon in Six Weeks | Training Schedule

couch to half marathon in six weeks straining schedule

I’m doing something really stupid. I’m trying to go from nowhere NEAR my usual jogging shape to doing a half marathon in six weeks…. Couch to half marathon in six weeks! I’m actually SUPER excited. My mom emailed me Thursday asking if I wanted to join her on October 4th for a half marathon, and…

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So, I have whiplash. In my jaw. On my test driving outing on Sunday, one of the salesman decided to show me how well a car handled by swerving suddenly with no warning. I smacked my head so hard on the side of the car. I had a bit of a headache for the next…

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I Need Your Help!


I am really struggling to decide something, guys, and I realized that I want it to be up to you! I can’t decide if I should start posting recipes for some of the non-vegan food I’ve been making now that I’m eating eggs and fish again. I gave a quickie recipe for a leftover pasta…

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Leftover Pasta Frittata {Weekly Workouts + Menu}

leftover pasta frittata

Hi my lovely friends! What have you been up to this weekend?! As I write this post, I am sitting on my couch sipping a beer completely exhausted from spending the last several hours car shopping(!!!) It’s really exciting, but my GOSH it’s a stressful, confusing, and tiring process. Not to mention it’s 100 degrees…

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Favorite Things | August


Happy Friday, loves. How was your week? I am coming at you today with a few of my favorite things lately! Tribal Sweater | While out shopping, my mom saw a crumple of tribal black-and-white fabric on the ground and said it looked like me. I grabbed it and lo and behold this beautiful tribal…

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Honey Habanero Corn {Simple BBQ Recipe}

honey habanero corn

GUYYYYSSSS! This. recipe. Honey habanero corn! I teased you with it on a couple Weekly Workouts + Menu posts, but I really wanted to wait until I could take some legit pictures and get a nice post up because this corn DESERVES it. Seriously.