Little Goals | August


my Fitbit goal got me (and Preston) moving a lot this month – this is us wandering around his campus library late one night so I could hit my steps :)

Happy last day of July, everyone!!! I usually open these posts with some kind of “I can’t believe it’s _____ already” line, but MAN am I excited this day finally came! Today is the last day of the bar exam for Preston, hoorah! And it’s the last day of my nomad life, double hoorah!

I’m thrilled.

I’m also thrilled to report back about my July goals. This is one of the most successful months so far. I love having quantifiable goals. I learned that early on with this project, but it’s so easy to make goals that aren’t quantifiable like spending more quality time with my kitty. Usually when I hit the end of the month, it’s hard to evaluate how successful I feel at those. I did well with this one, but I am way more motivated by quantifiable goals. I’m going to try to only set those from now on. Continue reading

Nomad Life | Post-It Countdown

post-it countdown

Back in law school, I had a job one summer that slowly drained the soul right out of a person.

I had a bunch of fellow inmates clerks to commiserate with, and I started a little daily ritual that made the grueling experience just a little bit more enjoyable.

I made a teeny paper chain one day out of my Post-It flags counting down to our last day there. You know, the kind of paper countdowns you used to make in elementary school out of construction paper to count down to Christmas or Disneyland or the end of the school year? One of those. Continue reading

A Day In The Nomad Life

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. I hit the end of my rope with this nomad life experience, and my reaction to it is to throw myself into the huge knitting project I’ve undertaken because it’s fantastic at distracting and relaxing me. I think I’ll manage to get a few posts up this next week, but if not, I apologize and I’ll be back to normal posting soon!!!

Since moving day is in a WEEK and Preston takes the bar next TUESDAY (through Thursday…), I thought I would do a little “day in the life” documentation. This phase of my life is close to an end, and while I’m really very happy about that, it’s had its perks.

So here’s how yesterday went down…

day in the nomad life

day in the nomad life

6:00 a.m. Woke up at Preston’s. I have not been sleeping too well during my nomad life, I miss my old cozy bed. But this night I slept pretty darn well, woke up a couple minutes before my alarm went off, and got out of bed easily. Thank goodness! Downstairs to make coffee. Knitted a few rows while water boiled because every few rows helps. While the French press did its thing, I drank a big glass of orange juice (I just bought this Good Belly probiotic stuff to get a little more goodness in my belly….hehe.)

day in the nomad life

day in the nomad life

Back upstairs with my coffee to do my hair and makeup. My cat was unusually quiet in the morning, so I kept peeking at him to make sure he was okay. I think he got annoyed with me… Continue reading

Seymore is Adjusting Quite Well…

Seymore is adjusting quite well

This is Seymore’s chair at Preston’s apartment. After some trial and error finding the perfect kitty spot when I moved him into Preston’s, he chose this chair and has made it his own.

He knows how to jump into it from every possible angle. He curls up or flops over the edges and sleeps and purrs and watches from this chair.

The other day, Seymore was yelling. If you know me and have met him, you know how vocal this kitty is. If you’ve watched one of my videos, you’ve probably heard him in the background. Most of his noises are relatively pleasant, but he has two yells. One that sounds like he’s being beaten with a crowbar, which only occurs on the rare occasion that I take him in the car. The other is reserved for when his food or water dish is empty and he legitimately wants to eat or drink. So the other day, when Seymore started yelling downstairs, Preston went to check his food dishes. Both were perfectly full.

As soon as Preston got to the dishes, Seymore ran halfway up the stairs and stood there yelling some more. Preston started up the stairs, and Seymore moved to the top and yelled some more. I was in the shower upstairs, and Preston got seriously concerned that I’d fallen and injured myself or something and Seymore was being a hero cat that would make the news that night. But when Preston hollered my name and I immediately responded with an easy and clearly not-injured “what?” he calmed down and kept following my crazy cat.

Seymore ran into the bedroom and kept yelling until Preston got in there, and then he sat by his chair and yelled while staring at Preston. Before I hopped in the shower, I’d taken off my clothes and flung them on the back and arm of Seymore’s chair. Preston took them off, Seymore immediately jumped into his chair, curled up, and piped down.

Somehow this skiddish scared rescue cat of mine has made himself perfectly at home. Bringing Seymore to a strange new apartment was my biggest worry when starting this nomad life, especially since I’ve moved him far more than I would have liked since I adopted him less than 3 years ago. What a relief that he has learned to adjust so quickly and make himself comfortable.

One more move, sweet kitty. Hopefully just one more for awhile….

From the Weekend | Sloughouse Corn Festival

corn festival

Last weekend, my sister and niece and I headed to Davis Ranch in Sloughouse just a short drive from Sacramento for their corn festival. We had no idea what to expect. We stop at this big farm stand a lot on our way home from Amador County wine tasting, and on our stop on the way back from our Father’s Day wine tasting this year, I saw a sign for this festival. I wrote down the dates in my calendar, and we headed out!

heading out!

It was a blast. Tons of arts and crafts for sale, delicious food stands with roasted corn on the cob, kettle corn, ice cream and slushies and lemonade. A huge pit of dried corn for the kids to play in. Plus the normal food stand, extra-stocked with beautiful fresh produce. I just had to share some pictures.

corn festival

Molly was pretty fascinated by these lawn ornaments. I bought this guy and a flamingo to go in potted plants on my future balcony!!! :-D

Molly was pretty fascinated by these lawn ornaments. I bought this guy and a flamingo to go in potted plants on my future balcony!!! :-D

Continue reading

Ginger-Soy Marinated Tempeh Salad

ginger-soy marinated tempeh salad

Alternate Post Title: “Sauce you could drink out of a giant mug.” Sadly, that seemed a little vague, and I wanted you to know what kind of sauce I made that you can drink out of a giant mug….

Cue garlicky, fresh, light, sweet, gingery, lightly cilantro-y, soy marinade.

There’s this addictive restaurant here in Sac called Orphan that is one of the absolute best brunch places ever. Which explains why it has a long line of people waiting at 9 in the morning on a Sunday, and why that wait turns into a 45 minute to an hour wait by 10:30. And yet we all wait anyway. Totally worth it.

They have awesome food. They’ll turn almost anything vegan for you. They serve amazing drip coffee and sell spectacular coffee beans which I really need to buy next time I’m out of coffee…..

ginger-soy marinated tempeh salad

I totally intend to remake their artichoke scramble, avocado scramble, their sweet breakfast tamales, and a vegan version of every kind of amazing pancake special flavor they have (we’re talking chocolate peanut butter banana, pumpkin pecan, lemon ricotta, soooo many more.)

But today I’m starting with the sauce. They have a Zen Breakfast, a bowl mixed with brown rice, tofu, spinach, and this incredible ginger-soy sauce. The last time I went there, I ordered their fantastic sweet breakfast tamales with beans and asked for them to sub the eggs they came with for tofu. Usually, they sauté up some plain tofu that is perfectly delicious but made even more delicious with some of their super salsas. But this time, this time, my waitress asked if I wanted to have plain tofu or the amazing ginger-soy tofu. Ummmmm duh, ginger soy! It may have been the perfect breakfast.

had to slide the tempeh away so you can see all the goodies in this salad!

had to slide the tempeh away so you can see all the goodies in this salad!

Anyway, the very next day I set about my first trial of this sauce, and it was already so dang good. I’m sold. I need to make a quadruple batch and pour it on ALL the things.

But for now, this salad.

ginger-soy marinated tempeh salad

serves 2
for the sauce:
1/4 C low sodium soy sauce (or tamari)
2 t honey (or maple syrup)
1 clove garlic, finely minced (half would be fine if your garlic is strong, you don’t want it too dominant)
2 t minced ginger
1 T very finely minced cilantro
2 T water

Whisk everything together.

for the tempeh:
3 oz tempeh, thinly sliced
1 t oil of choice

Soak tempeh in the marinade. I only soaked mine for about 20 minutes, and it absorbed an awesome amount of flavor. Heat the oil in a small skillet over medium heat, and add the tempeh. Be careful to drain the marinade out or it will splatter everywhere. But save that leftover marinade, it’s going to become salad dressing! (One of the best things about being vegan is saving your phenomenal marinades and eating every last drop! Hooray, no contamination!!!)

for the salad:
4 C romaine lettuce
1 large carrot, peeled and diced
1/2 small cucumber, sliced
1/4 small onion, diced
1/4 bell pepper, diced
1/4 avocado
2 T crispy onions on top
1 T reduced fat vegan mayonnaise

Pile everything except mayo on salad plates. Top with the temph. Mix the vegan mayo with the remaining marinade and pour on top of your salad. Hello, amazing dressing :)

ginger-soy marinated tempeh salad

How GORGEOUS is that salad?!?! Seriously, it’s so satisfying.

I’ll probably post a whole lot more with this dressing, but I stole a couple ideas from Orphan’s menu and had a few others I wanted to share immediately so you can enjoy this sauce in as many ways as possible before I get more recipes up:
** Breakfast Bowl: brown rice + tofu + steamed spinach + lots of ginger-soy sauce
** Lunch Bowl: brown rice + tofu + veggies sautéed in spicy orange chili oil (whaaaa??) + ginger-soy sauce + peanut sauce! [OMG, MUST go there for lunch]
** use as a dip for fresh summer rolls (!!!)
** any and all stir fries

Happy eating!

Nomad Life | What I Don’t Miss

nomad life

I already posted my top five things I miss. But honestly, I’m happier at ALL the things I don’t miss in my nomad life than the short list of things I do miss. So here are the top things I really don’t miss – the stuff and the abstract stuff:

** Cleaning | Silly, but so true! I help out everywhere I go, but it’s so different to help than it is to clean an entire big apartment for one little (extremely messy) person.

** Beauty products | I brought just the bare necessities along for the ride, and I’m realizing that even some of what I brought does not qualify as “necessities.” I don’t miss any of the crap that’s filling an entire decent-sized box from my bathroom cupboards… Continue reading


Insert typical “time flies” comment here. ;)

I’m getting straight to the food today for my WIAW post, because so far this week I am pooped! I’ve got a massive knitting project that I’m working on and the last few days have left me wanting to do nothing but sit on the couch and knit and watch terrible TV. Like for about 36 hours straight. That would be nice. I could use a day (and a half) like that….

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been eating lately! Enjoy :)


Frozen Food | These Amy’s wraps are phenomenal. I posted the samosa one a few weeks ago, and now I tried the teriyaki one. They are really satisfying, full of awesome ingredients, and make for a really affordable lunch that you can keep in the freezer. I think I’m going to pick up a few to keep in the freezer at work for those days when I don’t get time to pack a meal. Continue reading