Roasted Garlic + Balsamic Baked Tofu

roasted garlic + balsamic baked tofu

Ridiculously delicious tofu coming your way!!!

I mean it. Like, mouth-wateringly good tofu.

Don’t get me wrong, I like tofu. I’m actually a pretty big fan. But that’s taken a long time of getting used to it, not liking my other less healthy or less-customizable vegan protein options, experimenting, feeling like I’m “settling” when I eat tofu, and the list goes on….

But this tofu I absolutely love now, and I’m quite confident that if poor pre-tofu-loving-days Leslie had tried this tofu, all that experimenting and settling and I would have loved it immediately! Continue reading

High Five for Friday

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

Dudes, it’s the weekend!!! This week was WAY better for me than last week (though that’s a pretty low bar), and I’m really excited for the weekend.

I had no trouble getting a list of highlights from my week together, so here they are!

blogging during lunch

Blogging Lunches | After the chaos that was last week, I decided to cart my computer to work this week so that I could spend my lunches doing something just for me – blogging! Plus I’m taking a food blogging workshop so I can step things up around here :) It was especially great after last week was a tough work-week to have something to look forward to so much to break up the day and spend a little “me” time in the middle of the workday. MAN, did it lift my mood! Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday

Well hellooooo! Another Wednesday, another array of pictures of food! Oh wait, that’s almost everyday on a food blog….. ha! Eh well. Here’s a shot at what I ate yesterday!

coffee + cupcake

Cupcake + Coffee | Yes, I had a cupcake for breakfast. No, I’m not sorry. (Post detox and everything.) I didn’t have the day off work but I DID decide to go in late and have a nice slow morning. I got up and did some blogging things for an hour before I started to get ready for work, which was lovely. Especially with my cupcake and coffee in hand :)


Apple | I was actually surprised about how long my cupcake kept me going this morning! I did have two of the world’s most gigantic cups of coffee too, so I’m guessing I had a little appetite suppression going on…. anyway, maybe it’s fall, maybe it’s the detox, but it seems like every apple I eat lately is dripping-down-my-chin juicy and amazing! I tried to get fancy with my at-my-desk-with-my-iphone food photography, how do you like my dark computer screen backdrop? ;) Continue reading

5-Day Detox Review

5-day detox review

Time for my 5-day detox review! Okay, more like “Almost 3-Day Detox!” If you read my little rant on yesterday’s post about my week last week, you already know that it was rather hellish and I quit my detox on Wednesday night for some serious comfort food and then the rest of the week I nursed a cold away. So this review is just for the three-ish days that I did the detox, but it still was a good experience and I wanted to share!

the detox | This is the detox from Stay Sharp & Be Strong. This is NOT one of those “starve yourself and drink juice or cayenne-maple-whatever” kinds of detoxes, it’s an “eat real food but light and healthy stuff to help you lose bloating and clear your skin up and destroy those sugar cravings” kind of detox. Sold. It costs $8 (and you get a 30% discount code if you sign up for her email newsletter.) Since this is a product you have to go buy to use, I’m not going to disclose her recipes or menu options. Long story short, it includes lots of veggies, plenty of fruit, nuts and seeds to keep you going, and really good dinners (mostly raw lunches and light but usually cooked dinners.)

the motivation | I know I’ve mentioned here and there that Preston and I are trying to get ourselves back in shape. I had been doing pretty well making gradual progress, and I’d seen some changes in my body and noticed my skin, hair, and nails looking better. But way less progress than I was hoping for (and way less than I used to get in this amount of time!) I started getting pretty disheartened the week before last and my response was “screw it!” and I ate pretty badly all week long, and by the end of the week I was feeling it and ready to take a serious step to fix that and kick my like-never-before junk food cravings to the curb. I remembered reading about this detox and that sounded like just the thing that I needed. Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday | Detox Edition

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Man, after taking a couple days sort-of off last week, it is HARD to get back in the groove of things this week. Plus that whole “it’s dark when I leave work now” thing is really putting a damper on things.

BUT I am super excited about something I’m doing this week – a little detox! I am doing an awesome detox from Nikki Sharp at Stay Sharp & Be Strong that actually still involves eating a pretty good amount of food. I’m going to do a full recap on Saturday when I’m done, but after two days so far I am totally loving it! I mean, I am totally craving a giant pizza right now. But otherwise, totally loving it ;)

I don’t want to give away all of her secrets or any of her recipes, so here’s just a little teaser of what I’m eating this week on the detox:

detox Continue reading

Little Goals | November

little goals

It’s that time again! I’m really excited for November. It’s the true start of fall in my mind because we rarely have 90 degree days in November (and they were normal last month!) It’s the start of the holidays. It’s a time of change and joy and special occasions but enjoying new simple routines like hot tea at night and soaking my feet in a bathtub when I’m cold. I love it!

Quick run-down of October goals:

Fitbit goal | It’s an unofficial goal every month now, but I wanted to share that I hit my 10,000 step goal in October!!! (You bet your ass I make sure I hit it today and tomorrow so this stays true!) I am way proud of myself, and to celebrate, I’m upping my goal to 12,000 steps :) As happy as I am to hit my goal everyday, that means it’s no longer a good goal for me.

Soak up daylight | Pretty well done!

Knit 2 skeins of yarn | Success! I knitted a TON this month, which is great because I am really hoping to finish up my bed spread by the end of next month. I’m on track to get all my stripes done by then, but I have NO idea how long it will take to stitch all the stripes together (I’m guessing it will be longer than I’d like…)

Eat salads | I forgot to keep track. I’m not sure I got four meals per week, but I definitely made it a point to get more salads as meals this month. I’ll keep this one up next month but actually count this time around…

November goals:

Run 45 miles | I hurt my knee really badly at the beginning of October, and running suffered as a result. I was proud to still get my workouts in and to have a good start to my Timed Mile Practice. But I still have a lot of progress to make. To get back to running without being disappointed in the loss of pace and stamina a slow month can bring, I’m focusing on getting in some miles. I don’t care how fast, slow, painful, or long my runs are. So long as I get in 45 miles (and walking breaks count so long as I’m doing my best to jog when I can.) I got to this number by factoring in a couple 3 mile runs a week, a handful of short 1 mile runs and two longer runs during the month, and rounded up. Seems legit ;)

Drink 60 ounces of water a day | I’m excited for this one. Somewhere along the line, I’ve become really bad at keeping myself hydrated! Frustrating because it’s never been something I even have to think about. Ideally, I’d rather drink a lot more than 60 ounces but I’m starting with a low number and focusing on being consistent and hitting it everyday.

Did you set any goals for the month?

Happy goal-setting!