Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s already time for another WIAW post! I liked posting a whole day’s worth of grub last week, so I thought I’d do that again this week. Don’t worry, I’ll keep switching it up and do this a bit differently every few weeks, that seems like fun! … or is that just me? ;)

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

 photo 857E7369-2CC8-436E-A654-DC445B370003_zpskfxru3a6.jpg

Green Smoothie | Simple and fantastic! 1 C light coconut milk + 1 C greens + 1/2 C frozen pineapple + 1/2 frozen banana. Tropical goodness :) all that coconut milk made this super filling, so I threw it in the freezer and saved some for an after-work treat.

 photo 4639DCB1-5E1C-43D5-A57F-B98CA1F9D18D_zps6jjnqasx.jpg

Toast | Thrilling, right? Continue reading

Gooey Secret-Ingredient Frosted Brownies

Oh man, I made the best damn brownies last week. I’m sorry if that’s totally pompous, but they were crazy good. So good that I hoarded most of them to myself and slowly ate every single last bite. I shared a little with Preston. I handed him a fork as I clutched the brownie pan in my own lap and wolfed down the last couple servings.  He managed to sneak a few tastes every time I reached for my wine glass that I paired with the brownies ;)

The best part?  They’re not terribly unhealthy (certainly not compared to store-bought or boxed mix brownies), and they’ve got a bunch of chickpeas in them that make them surprisingly filling and lasting.  Which was fantastic because it meant that a small serving of brownie a day was satisfying enough that I actually paced myself and didn’t scarf down three servings a day! That’s pretty impressive for me when a truly awesome baked good is in my apartment :) Continue reading

Fishless Filets w/ Caramelized Pineapple & Avocado Creme


I promised a more elaborate fishless filet recipe when I did my product review and not-really-a-recipe. So here it is!


DAMN was it good. I adapted Giada De Laurentiis’s recipe to make a sweet and savory vegan dinner that was drool-worthy. Like, for reals. Like, the kind of meal that I’ll probably have to repeat for dinner tonight because it was just too good to not have twice in one week.

Straight to the food, I can’t wait anymore! Continue reading



Hi folks! Sorry about the lack of posts the last few days, I had a great but busy weekend and then a couple crummy days. But I’m feeling back to normal, I’ve got a couple recipes ready to go, and I managed to snap pictures of almost all my eats yesterday, so today I’m doing a true “what I ate” post by showing you a day of food! Thanks again to Jenn for hosting, here’s WIAW!

 photo 66fcc7d8-77a6-421e-9f4b-e18676ccf7bf_zps91e7ec4d.jpg

Tropical Smoothie | 1/2 C frozen pineapple chunks + 1/2 frozen banana + 1/2 C light coconut milk + 1/3 C guava juice concentrate + 1 scoop vanilla protein powder + 1 T flax oil + enough water to get things moving. This was CRAZY good. I’m going to tweak it a little and make a blog post out of it, I was seriously a fan! Continue reading

Frosted & Honeyed Cornbread Cake


Cornbread and cake combine in this super fun and moist dessert. It feels like a great springtime dessert to me!I used some cornbread mix, added a bit more flour and baking powder in it for a cake-like consistency, added extra honey for sweetness, and frosted it with a simple honey frosting. How’s that for a combo of cornbread and cake?!


for the cake:
serves 12
1 1/2 C Arrowhead Mills cornbread mix (I’ll bet other brands will work just fine!)
1 C all-purpose flour
2 t baking powder
3 T honey
1 T flax seed
1 t vanilla extract
3 T vegetable oil
1 1/4 C water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix ground flax seed with 2 T of water and set aside (your flax “egg.”) Whisk all the dry ingredients together and then add the wet ingredients, and stir until well combined. Pour into a well-oiled baking dish and bake for about 40 minutes (depending on the size of your baking dish.)


for the frosting:
1/2 can store-bought vanilla frosting
3 T honey

Mix the two together. Once cooled, frost your cake!  The frosting was pretty thin after stirring in honey, so either plan on going for the drippy look or mix in a few tablespoons of powdered sugar too to get a stiffer consistency.

Nutrition facts per serving (1/12th of frosted cake): Calories: 215; Calories from Fat: 65; Total Fat: 7.3g; Saturated Fat: 1.7g; Sodium: 92mg; Total Carbohydrates: 35.1g; Dietary Fiber: 0.7g; Sugars: 23.4g; Protein: 1.7g

Copper Topped Table DIY


Alright, I’m having too much fun with these DIY posts lately!I just finished a fantastic table makeover, and I really wanted to share.

I have these beautiful good quality side tables in my living room from my parents.  They’re very nice, but dark in an already too-dark room, and the surfaces are a bit beaten up.  So I turned them into lighter and brighter refinished tables! Continue reading


Another Wednesday already!  This week is flying by for me already.  I sure hope it keeps up! :)

On to WIAW!  Thanks again to Jenn for hosting!  I did a really bad job taking pictures of my food last week, so this is literally everything I ate in the last week that I actually remembered to take pictures of :)  Oops…

 photo E221E973-50A2-4862-9323-A4EB7AA494C5_zpsatwoyjae.jpg

Artichokes | Have I mentioned artichokes lately? :-D I’ve been eating plenty of them…. no complaints here! Preston and I had this super classy dinner Saturday night of jumbo artichokes fresh from Castroville + mac ‘n’ cheese.  I was very happy when I told him this is what I wanted for dinner and he thought it sounded fantastic :) Continue reading

Ricotta-Stuffed Baked Shells/Manicoti


I made a GREAT Sunday night casserole this week, and it’ll make for several fantastic leftover meals during the week.

Two weeks in a row now of Sunday night casseroles, and I’ve got no complaints.

I forget how easy stuffed pasta really can be, but it feels so special. This meal came together pretty quickly, too! A little long if it were a weeknight, but I think there’s something very old school and satisfying about a nicer and more time-consuming Sunday night dinner, even though this one was just for little ol’ me. :) Continue reading

A Month of Natural Skincare

IMG_5831It’s been just over a month on my new homemade lotion and natural skincare routine, so I thought I’d give a little update!  I decided to wait a month until I make a decision since my skin sure can be hormonal.  (And sadly, this lotion sure didn’t change that!)

First up, here’s what I’ve been doing: I’ve been putting on the almond oil morning and night and I haven’t used anything else on my face, except for a gentle Yes to Carrots cleanser, and a bit of baking soda mixed into it to exfoliate. (The coconut oil version of my lotion feels more noticeably oily so I haven’t used that on my face, just on the rest of me!)  Some days I feel like I could start putting on some more toward the end of the workday, but since I head to the gym from work I haven’t been putting any on. I shower after the gym and put on the lotion pretty much immediately. By morning, my skin’s absorbed it all and I’m not even remotely oily (which is unusual for me!) so I just slather on another layer and put on my normal makeup (as little as my skin that day allows…) Continue reading