Little Goals | July


Helloooooo, friends! Guess WHAT?! I am back. I am getting lots of awesome content together. I will be here more. Because I am on VACATION! Well, staycation really. In between jobs :) It’s just the best.

I’ve got a handful of updates and posts to get up soon, but I wanted to start with addressing the fact that it’s JULY.

Holy. crap.

This one totally snuck up on me.

It’s summer.

It’s going to be a great one. …

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What I Ate Wednesday Button

Hey guys! Haaaaappy hump day!

Cutting right to it today – Here’s what I ate last Thusrday when I was at a continuing education course all day!

bagel peach coffee

Sprouted bagel w/ cream cheese, peach, + caramel soy latte | Heck yeah. Good breakfast :) …

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From the Weekend

Seymore + kitten


saying goodbye to the kitten who thinks my hair is a chew toy….


Saturday reading


breakfast smoothie: frozen strawberries, cacao powder, chocolate protein powder, and cashew milk :)

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Weekly Workouts + Menu


Happy Sunday, friends! How has your weekend been so far? Mine has been great and busy and super productive. I took a class all day Thursday and Friday, which was in some ways a nice break from the office but was also a bit more grueling and tiring. At work, I theoretically sit at a…

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The Cat Saga Continues


Hey friends, I didn’t get a chance to get my WIAW post ready for today, so instead I’m stopping by for a random update! More of these to come, given the way things are going lately! I have BIG news. I already mentioned it on Instagram, but yesterday I put in my two weeks’ notice…

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Favorite Things

hydroflask junior

Hey everyone! How is your Sunday so far? Mine has been lovely. I got up on the early side to head off to an antique fair with my friend Maria. I wasn’t really looking for much, but Maria found a couple gems and I snagged an awesome old water bottle crate that is going to…

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Spicy Mango Basil Mojito

spicy mango basil mojito

Hey friends, look! A recipe! Cool beans. It was all I could do to get these pictures finished and uploaded for today’s post – I. am. tired. That dang (adorable) kitten likes to attack all night long. Teeny claws climbing all over us, little bites to our feet all night long, and tugging on my…

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pasta picnic

Good morning, lovelies :) Is it Friday yet? Le sigh. Let’s get through Wednesday by posting a bajillion pictures of food, eh?! Okay. Here’s what I ate LAST Monday and was supposed to post last Wednesday but then…. I didn’t. Blueberry Muffin Protein Smoothie | I think it will always be my favorite. I also…

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Weekly Workouts + Menu

pizza roll salad

Hiiiiii, lovely internet friends! So I’m starting to develop a pattern that I’m not happy with. I get some pictures, draft posts, maybe a workout or research for a health post done on the weekends. Maybe I get a couple posts scheduled. But then Tuesday/Wednesday comes and I already feel so stressed and swamped and…

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Pizza-Seasoned BBQ Corn

pizza-seasoned bbq corn

It’s finally CORN SEASON, guys! I am so excited :) Plus, this is my first corn season with my own barbecue, so that’s just awesome. I really wanted to do some kind of fun seasoned corn, preferably something dripping in sauce or blackened with spices or something awesome to dip it in. I hadn’t figured…

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Weekly Workouts + Menu

soy chorizo tacos

the workouts: Monday | short jog + upper body workout Tuesday | full body strength training (TRX?) Wednesday | yoga Thursday | short jog + arms

Little Goals | June


Hellooooo, lovelies! Happy happy Friday. Man, I’m relieved. This was the longest four-day week ever! Plus Preston and I have super exciting last-minute plans we’re going to try to finagle – I don’t want to jinx it, but hopefully you’ll see pics on my From the Weekend post! (Totally random side note – I googled…

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Pros + Cons of Red Wine

wine tasting

A month ago we talked about the pros and cons of caffeine which was REALLY fun (for me, I hope it was fun for you too…) So today I’m talking about a similar topic: the pros and cons of red wine!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Just like last time, nothing seemed to beat a pro-con list!

Weekly Workouts + Menu

creamy pasta

Hiiiiiiiiii, internet friends! Sorry for the very long radio silence, I was starting to get super stressed and overwhelmed. As much as blogging tends to help me deal with all that, imposing deadlines for getting posts up does NOT help me deal. So I decided to take a few days off and focus on relaxing…

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fried eggs + sweet potato

Happy happy hump daaaaay! Alright guys, I’ve got something to tell you. There’s something on this WIAW post that you’re probably not expecting to see…. EGGS. Yes, I’ve started eating eggs again. I’ve been tempted to start eating eggs in place of processed fake meats and crap for awhile now. But I didn’t bite the…

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TRX Ab Workout

TRX ab workout

Hiiiii guys! I’m coming at you super late today for my post :) I didn’t wind up taking these pictures until last night, and I totally meant to make this super pretty collage and get it up this morning but I may or may not have gotten sucked into last night’s episode of the Bachelorette…

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Peanut Butter + Jelly Breakfast Truffles

peanut butter jelly breakfast truffles

Holy HELL, it has been an unacceptably long time since I posted a breakfast truffle recipe!!! They may be coming back. I used to eat them religiously before a hardcore early morning workout. But my early morning workouts really went to the wayside. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen the see-saw effect of me…

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Weekly Workouts + Menu


Happy Sunday, friends! I hope it was a good one! the workouts: Monday | power yoga for flexibility Tuesday | TRX Wednesday | 3-5 mile jog Thursday | short jog + strength training Friday | rest day Saturday | 3-5 mile jog + short arm routine Sunday | active rest day

May Workout Playlist

may workout playlist

Hi, friends and happy happy Friday!!!! I’m coming at you today with an updated workout playlist! I used to be crazy into updating my workout playlist, probably close to once a week. I spent a lot of time and effort making sure it was always motivating and not annoying! But lately it seems like I…

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Spinach and Sausage Breakfast Croissant

spinach and sausage breakfast croissant

Time for a breakfast SPLURGE! I am all about starting my day with a healthy smoothie, oatmeal, tofu scramble. BUT sometimes starting off with a decadent pastry or really satisfying cheesy sausage-y treat is just perfect. I made these awesome savory spinach and sausage breakfast croissants with Preston in mind. He loves this kind of…

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caramel macchiato

I’ve got a pretty pathetic roundup of food for you! This was last Thursday, and it was a ridiculous day. My whole week kind of looked like this. I didn’t eat very well, and kept reaching for the comfort food or stress eating all week long. I’ve been working on it this week….. Last Thursday…

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At-Home Gym Equipment

yoga mat

Helllooooo and happy Tuesday, guys! Man, my week is off to a rough start. I wanted about eight of those margaritas I posted yesterday. Bleh! Hopefully it shapes up a little better! But I’ll tell ya, coming home and getting in a good workout and then cooking a lovely meal sure does the trick! Last…

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Weekly Workouts + Menu

dinner from last week - pasta with greens, almonds, and I added shredded Brussels sprouts and Tofurkey sausage!

BLAST, the weekend’s half over already! Let’s all make the most of it, get a little planning done, and get out to have fun and play with the rest of our weekends? Sound good? Okay, break! the workouts: Monday | 3-5 mile jog Tuesday | TRX Wednesday | yoga Thursday | 3-5 mile jog

Favorite Virtual Things

favorite virtual things

Happy happy Friday, friends!!! Today I’m sharing another list of favorite things, but I wanted to do a “virtual” version because I feel like I’ve found some fantastic apps the last few months that I really wanted to share. So on with the favorite virtual things! Elevate | I found this app just scrolling through…

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Avocado & Soba Noodle Summer Rolls

avocado soba noodle summer rolls

Ahhhhh, return of one of my absolute favorite spring/summer meals! Summer rolls are just SO much fun. It’s an awesome way to pack a little finger food full of healthy raw crunchy veggies, your favorite noodles, maybe some tofu, and experiment with all kinds of dipping sauces :) I am just not a huge fan…

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ice cream

Baaahhh, is it already Wednesday?! I am BU-SY this week, and it’s going by so fast! Though I also already feel desperately in need of a weekend, so maybe it’s a good thing that the week is sneaking past me…. I thought I would take my WIAW pictures early, so I snapped them last Thursday!…

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Desk Job Stretches


Do you spend 8 hours (or more) working at a desk, staring at a computer all day long? It wears on you, huh? It is so unhealthy for us. But I know a lot of us can’t avoid it. So I’ve compiled some stretches to do, whether you’re still at your desk and taking a…

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Lemon Poppyseed Pull Apart Bread

lemon poppyseed pull apart bread

GAAAAAHHHH this bread is ridiculous. It may be my new favorite dessert. I seriously contemplated making a new one the day after I finished off this one. I just… I can’t believe it’s gone…. :( :( :( It’s the perfect dessert. You could try to say that this is a breakfast loaf, but that’s like…

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Weekly Workouts + Menu


Happy happy Sunday, everyone! How is your weekend going so far? Mine is lovely, though already going by so fast!!! Hopefully I’m headed off for a nice hike today, so I’m just stopping by to post the weekly workouts and menu! the workouts: Monday | yoga Tuesday | full-body strength training (I have a few…

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Little Goals | May


Happy May Day, lovely faces! It’s time to set goals again! Sometimes this is really easy for me and I know for awhile what my goals for the next month are going to be. Sometimes my goals are so disastrous that I repeat them for a second month so I can do better. My April…

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Meal Planning In Action (Video)

easy vegan meal planning

Hey everyone! I was really excited about my post last week for easy vegan meal planning, and I hope you liked it too! As I wrote, I thought all that text looked more complicated at times than it feels in practice! So I thought I’d film a little video showing you how quickly and easily…

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