Winter Solstice

winter solstice

Oh MAN, a post I thought I had scheduled for yesterday morning wasn’t actually scheduled, it was still a draft. Wah-wah.

All I wanted to say was WINTER SOLSTICE, YAY! Yesterday was the shortest day of the year!!!

Meaning we will no longer lose daylight, the sun was out for as little time yesterday as it will be all year round, and today we start gaining daylight hours back!

That. is. glorious.

It also was the first official day of winter, which is always so much later than I expect.

Hooray :) and happy Monday! I’ll be back later tonight with a post (and if dinner turns out well, a recipe too!)

From the Weekend

from the weekend

Happy Sunday evening, folks! I just wrote this ENTIRE post and somehow deleted it immediately :( So I’m going to go quickly with my update….

I already recapped half the weekend, so here’s what I’ve been up to since then!

from the weekend

fairytale town

Last night after spending hours wrapping gifts and stuffing stockings, I went to my sister’s house to visit her and my niece, wrap some more presents there, and take off to Fairytale Town. Fairytale Town is like a tiny amusement park or really big playground for little kids with a whole bunch of slides, a petting zoo, shows, and all kinds of things to climb on based off of fairy tales. I am little enough to carry my niece up all the little kids’ stairs so I repeatedly took her down slides (there’s one up an old shoe as in The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe) and battled with a bunch of little kids on a stage for prime fake-snow-viewing ability :) It was actually a blast, and my niece had a ball! I couldn’t tell if she enjoyed the “snow” that we were showered with, but in a quiet moment amid the crowd around us, I heard her quietly repeating “yay, yay, yay” so I think she liked it. Continue reading

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms + Peppers


Happy Saturday, everyone! How was your week? Mine was crazy and busy and super exciting!

Earlier this week, Preston was offered a job!!! His dream job, in fact. He went to law school just to become a DA and despite the horrible and insanely competitive job market, I’m incredibly proud to say that he was offered a Deputy DA position in Butte County (just a bit north of here, and close enough for him to commute!)

Christmas presents Continue reading

On Making Vegan Exceptions

doughnut day

As the end of the year inches closer and closer, I’m in that phase of “reflection” and starting to write a few recap posts.

Something I was thinking about was my resolution the year before last to make fewer vegan “exceptions” and how during 2013 I made a noticeable shift in the type of exceptions I made. When I first went vegan and for about a year after that, I made exceptions for convenience. Because I forgot to read labels. Because I assumed something was vegan. Because I ate at someone else’s house and I didn’t want to offend by turning something down. Because someone offered me a treat I used to like, and I took it out of habit or guilt. Because I didn’t want to grill a waiter about ingredients or leaving something off, or send my food back when they made mistakes. Continue reading

Not-So-Epic Storm + Quick Split Pea Soup


Good morning! I’m up and writing a quick post a la New Game Plan this morning :)

Yesterday we were supposed to have the most ragey rain (and wind) storm we’ve had here in six years. Considering we have a decent history of rain, that’s saying a lot. There were advisories, there were people racing to prepare, SMUD sent an email listing what to pack in an emergency kit and warning of all the dangers that lost power can cause. Schools were cancelled. People took off work. I prepped a whole bunch of work to take home so I could work from home and not brave the horrible flooded terrifying storm, as they expected roads to be quite literally flooded by the rains (and also flooded with terrified incompetent drivers.) Preston came home and prepped the apartment – he’s from Florida and quickly got in “hurricane prep” mode which I had yet to witness. We got out candles and lighters and took down everything that could fall victim to the wind on our balcony.

I talked Preston into working from home so he wouldn’t have to drive downtown to the train station and then hop on a train to work when safety and power and all that was questionable.

working from home Continue reading

A New Game Plan

pink fog

Hey, guys!

Okay, it’s been awhile and my last probably five posts start with some apology or explanation for why I haven’t been posting much lately.

The quick run-down is two-fold: (1) life has been hectic; (2) I’m taking an awesome blogging workshop to make some major behind-the-scenes changes, and that takes up most of my blogging time (and finding out all kinds of mistakes I’ve been making really makes me want to stall putting up new recipe posts until I can do them “right.”)

So here’s the game plan until I can get some really good quality new recipe posts up: I’m just going to ramble on here a bit more. I’ll be posting more daily life, workouts, and daily eats. Basically anything that doesn’t require much planning or setting up good photo shoots in the right light and all that good stuff. Some of it will be awesome tips because I really think a lot of my daily meals will be fun to share but aren’t necessarily full-post-worthy so I’m excited about sharing that kind of stuff for a change! Some of it might be boring to y’all. I’ll take some cues from my favorite blogs that follow this kind of game plan so hopefully I can still entertain you! :)

To kick it off today, here are five things I wanted to post recently but just couldn’t manage! Continue reading


Happy happy Wednesday! I’ve skipped the last few WIAW because of my rotten month of November, and did a pretty terrible job taking food pictures last month. So I purged through and found the only share-worthy food photos from last month, and here they all are! Next week I’ll be back with a more typical WIAW post :)


Single Happiness | Awesome name for a dish, eh? This was a fan-TAS-tic plate of food from one of my favorite local restaurants, Orphan. I’ve raved about their brunch before but this was my first venture for their lunch menu, and this pile of brown rice cooked in a spectacular ginger-soy sauce (my attempt at replicating this awesome sauce is here), tofu in the same sauce, and veggies in an orange chili oil. Seriously. Continue reading

Little Goals | December

me + preston

Holy cow, it’s December! I know I always say that on posts like this, but this time I mean in a “hooray hooray hooRAY!” kind of way rather than a “time flies, eh?” kind of way.


I’m calling it: November sucked for me. I already ranted about how the month started. The repercussions of that virus at work are still hitting hard, and I had a really rough time dealing at work this month. I still am. I was really down last month. But I think a month is long enough to mourn, so now I’m scooping myself up and trying to move on. November also had Preston suffering some pretty serious anxiety as the day of bar results approached (he passed!) so instead of focusing on goals last month, we focused on little things to get through the stress and upset from last month (like this awesome trip to Petaluma and watching the entire first two seasons of Newsroom. OH. MY. GOSH., it is one of the best shows ever put on television. SERIOUSLY. I’m absolutely without a doubt immediately re-watching all of it when we catch up on the current season.) Continue reading

Pesto Tofu Scramble

pesto tofu scramble

Finally back with an actual recipe! I have been making this fantastic pesto tofu scramble a lot lately. It’s the kind of breakfast I am ALWAYS in the mood for! I was lucky enough to find a pre-packaged pesto that happened to be vegan (it wasn’t advertised that way but I read about seventeen labels until I found one that didn’t have cheese in it and the next time I went to the store to stock up it was being discontinued! Sadness :( So I bought four tubes (yes, it came in a tube) and used them all up for these scrambles. Continue reading