Lotsa Links

totally gratuitous and unrelated picture of my niece, just because a post without pictures is crazy! :)

Nothin’ but awesome recipes today. The “to make” list is growing unacceptably long… :)

** chickpea cakelets with harissa aioli? Beyond sold.

** Cannot even handle this rustic seed boule bread from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes. It’s on this weekend’s to do list.

** Genius chickpea tofu?!

** Shaved artichoke salad?! You KNOW I am down for an artichoke recipe!

** Coconut cream pie chia seed pudding? Are. you. freaking. kidding. me?

** Barb had me at pepperjack, but then I see that she’s putting soy curls on a pizza? Most definitely eating this amazing pepperjack chick’n pizza with soy curls soon.

** Chewy pistachio macaroon granola bars…. :)

** Strawberry basil mojito! I’m stoked to try this recipe. A pizza place near me makes a fantastic strawberry basil mojito that is even more of a selling point to me than the pizza…. ;)

** I want this spicy mango dressing RIGHT NOW.

** And drooling over this double layer lemon custard with strawberry compote. Talk about a perfect light guilt-free spring dessert. Nom.

** This is my kind of peanut butter cup

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